What will happen with my Season Ticket renewal?

How it works


Review your seating position in the reconfigured stands today

  • Review the proposed change to your seating position by entering your details on this website
  • If you’re happy with your new position, you will be able to renew to this seat when the window opens. Please note, due to COVID-19, the Club do not yet know when the new stands will be implemented - it could be either: before, during or after the 20/21 season. If it is during or after the season you will renew to the seat you have currently.
  • If you’d like to discuss or change your seating position, please contact us.

Renew your season ticket

  • We will write to fans to confirm when the renewals window will open.
  • Priority seat relocations are processed in order of how early a supporter renews.
  • Your relocation period, along with others impacted by the stadium reconfiguration, will be given priority ahead of other supporters, but will again be in the order of when supporters renew.

New Stands further information to follow

  • The Club and London Stadium intend to install the new configuration as soon as the extended season ends this summer.
  • We will communicate further with you once timelines for future fixtures are confirmed.